How to Choose the Best Canon Printers ?

Best Canon Printers are not that hard to come by. Canon is an international printer brand that everyone is all familiar with. The matter would be a little more complicated when you take into account the type of the printers to get. The types of Canon printers you can consider are divided based on the technology used and their function. Based on printing technologies, Canon printers can be inkjet or laser. An inkjet printer works with some nozzles that spray liquid ink in tiny droplets onto the paper. An inkjet printer is also great for printing in both black and white and color. A laser printer uses an ink toner that fuses with the paper directly. A laser printer produces a text document with sharper quality but it does not work as good when it comes to printing photographs when compared with an inkjet printer. Still, in terms of speed, laser printers are way faster than inkjets. Based on their functions, the Canon printers are divided into print-only and all-in-one printers. A print-only printer is exactly what it is: It can only be used to print out documents and photographs. Wireless connectivity may round out the features of Canon printers of this kind. An all-in-one printer features all manners of document-producing methods. In addition to being able to print out documents and photos, a printer of this kind is able to scan, copy, and send a fax. Some models even feature the ability to save digital files on removable disks such as a USB or a memory card. 

Canon Printers are offered in several different lines. There is Imageclass, a group of Canon printers intended for home or small office use. Imageclass printers can only print in black and white and are offered in all-in-one features. The maxify line offers printers with exceptional speed, like Canon MAXIFY MB5420 printer,  The maxify line can be used in sync with cloud storage or mobile devices. The Selphy line is perfect for printing on the go as it accommodates mobile printing.

Canon Printers that are also one that is more commonly found on the market would be the PIXMA line. PIXMA is also the line that forms the largest products of Canon. It offers a balanced value of print speed and print quality, such as the Canon PIXMA TS8050 printer. The PIXMA line is a decent printer category that is sufficient for average needs of printing. Some models in the PIXMA family come with all-in-one features while some others emphasize producing a photo with high quality. 

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